10 Things You Can Do to Unleash the Power of LinkedIn

1. Get Familiar With The LinkedIn Sitemap – Visit often. Get to know LinkedIn. It could prove invaluable to you, your career, your business, your bank account. Review the accounts and settings.

2. Complete Your Profile – This is the beginning of beginnings. Help yourself get found by completing a professional-level profile.

3. Invite Your Friends – To get the most power out of LinkedIn, surround yourself with your friends. The more friends who really know you and connect with you on LinkedIn, the greater your chances of increasing the odds that you’ll benefit from working LinkedIn

4. Use Up All Your Introductions – To me, LinkedIn’s real power resides in introductions. Without using introductions, you miss out on LinkedIn’s real power. Don’t let your introductions go to waste – use them, today

5. Study other profiles. – Study those that make you feel that they could professionally represent you and the way you’d like for people to perceive you. For example, your home represents a lot of things about you and your beliefs. But, the things in your home have been greatly influenced by a huge variety of other homes you’ve seen starting from infancy to adolescence to young adulthood to your full maturity. Seek out those profiles that represent you at this stage of your professional development and learn from them how you might go about best expressing your own work history, accomplishments, education, aspirations, etc

6. ASK Questions – How can your network help you? Is there something that you want to know? Ask a question?

7. Get Recommendations -This is third party validation of who you are and the work that you do and have done. Get recommendations from people who can comfortably and legitimately talk about you, your work, your integrity, your energy, your skills.

8. Join LinkedIn Groups – Groups on LinkedIn Groups are a powerful resource in extending your reach or start your own group to increase your influence.

9. Search, Search, Search – There is no limit to the amount of searching a LinkedIn member can do. And, therefore, there is no limit to the value that a member can get out of searching on LinkedIn. So, for me, its value is limited only by our imagination and the time we spend in searching for the people, companies, and/or  jobs we need.

10. Get started today and schedule 1 hour a week to spend time on LinkedIn.


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