101 Ways to Make Money Online – CONCLUSION

The 101st method is my personal favourite because I find it hilarious:

There was this bloke who bought an email list of one million email addresses. He sent half of them a stock tip that a certain stock was going up, the other half got the same message predicting that the stock would go down. 50% of them saw him proved right. He ignored the rest and split this 50% into two groups. Half got an email with another up prediction and the other half got the same email with a down prediction. He rinsed and repeated a few times till he was left with about 15,000 people who saw him get it right several times in a row. They were obviously very impressed. He then invited them to pay $5,000 each for a seminar with him on picking stocks! :)


I make a healthy living online and with multiple income streams (no I won’t tell you how much. Remember, I’m not trying to sell you anything). I put this article together originally because friends and family kept harassing me to show them what I did for a living so they could do it too. I collected some of the ideas for things I had done myself, got some more from the thousands of site-for-sale threads (and detailed conversations I’ve had with those sellers) and threw some more obscure/zany ones in here for good measure.

May money just flow to you. If finances are tight right now, take heart – money happens, it’s easier than you think. I feel very privileged to live in these interesting times, times full of opportunity, times where I’ve been able to give up my day job, work at my leisure, enjoy my kids growing up, retire decades earlier than I normally would and spend time writing this drivel instead of running the usual rat race. God bless the Internet and Good Luck. You CAN do it.


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