101 Ways to Make Money Online

Like surfing?

62. Become an estate agent. Not a real one; in places like the US that’s too much effort. No, you can act for buyers without all that formality by being a buying agent. Clients have a clear idea of what they want but you have the time to keep hitting rightmove -or wherever your local listings are – to find them that special property. In the UK “buying agents” charge 1-3% of the property value.

63. Concierge services: If you know the exact type of bra you want but can’t find it would you pay someone a few dollars to find it for you? You’d be surprised how many busy people would.  Whether it’s a list for the supermarket delivery or a bathroom tap unavailable locally – for some people the hour or two hunting is not worth the $10 you’d charge. Maintain preferences for your signed up customers – so they can tell you to order “milk” without having to specify semi-skimmed, 2 litre, cardboard packing etc. – and close relationships with local businesses and even I’d sign up. Example

64. Be a researcher. At places like answers.com people pay for you to go research an answer to questions they don’t have time to answer themselves. Like, “How do I choose an SLR camera?” and “What’s the name of the theme song to the TV program A Bit of Fry and Laurie?” Note: Google has now closed the answers.google.com service but if you’re that good at hunting things out you’ll find that there are other places where people pay for answers. And, I’m not just talking paid homework help.


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