101 Ways to Make Money Online

Work, but not as you know it

52. Affiliate programs can be great fun and very lucrative. The trick is learning to generate traffic, funnelling it to your merchant and hiring expensive accountants to handle your massive tax returns. It has made more millionaires than you’d believe and I’ve personally met many of them. I hope to write a lot more about making money from affiliate programs in the months to come.

53. But if fine-tuning ad CTRs and monitoring ROI is too much like hard work … be your own affiliate customer. Credit card companies, mortgage companies etc., pay anywhere upto $100 per form filled on their site (per valid lead). Go apply for some credit cards and mortgages BUT do them through your own affiliate links and make a few hundred dollars per day. Sign up in as an affiliate in your wife/husband/dad’s name to get around the occasional restriction that applications in the affiliate’s own name don’t generate the commission.


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