101 Ways to Make Money Online

Others Ways

93. Set up a proxy (example). People seem to want to surf at work AND access sites their IT system blocks them from viewing. A proxy allows them to get around that restriction. Some proxy services get by just on the advertising (as it’s easy to get enormous page views in the proxy business). A very good one will even have people paying a few dollars each. There are several ways to monetise a proxy.

94. Enjoy networking? Social networking Web 2.0 style? Make money with it. If you build up sufficient reputation in places like Digg people will start approaching you to start some buzz on their company or their new product. At one point Netscape offered  top “Diggers” a sweetener os $1,000 to move over to their competing service.

95. Selling databases of parts/directory listings/modified or value added DMOZ data/ email lists. The DMOZ directory is a massive directory put together by volunteer editors. And they give away their content for free. Kind of. You can download their database and combine it with other information – like phone number and postcode from Yellow pages-  to add value / enhance those listings. You could then sell the enhanced product.

96. Find jobs for your friends. An easy way into the personal recruitment business. Know a friend who’s just right for a particular job? Make the connection between friend and employer and you could get up to $5,000 for a few hours work.

97. Get paid for your unused computer cycles. Is your computer sometimes on while you aren’t actually sitting at it? Then it’s using electricity but not performing “work”. Joining a distributed computing group like SETI lets you use that computing power to help reach some worthy/unworthy goal. However, you can also use those cycles to earn money by selling them to companies who have large computing tasks then can’t do completely in-house.

98. Take the cap around: Do something nice. Provide some information that helps someone, perhaps someone grieving for a lost partner. Or info on how to volunteer to help orphans in Africa, or find an internship. Make it useful. Or just make it very funny. Then stick a donation button on there for people to support your work. You’ll be surprised at how well a donation button works on the right type of site. No, it won’t work on this page – or any page promising to make you a millionaire.

99. Start an article directory. Giving away free articles (with embedded links) is one way for webmasters to build incoming links to their sites. For other webmasters these free articles are a great way to fill out their otherwise bare sites. Be the middleman. Popular article directories make a lot of money from the contextual ads they post on all the free articles they are displaying on their site.

100. Start a content site: The most common way webmasters earn money is probably contextual programs like YPN and Adsonar. But mainly Adsense. It’s simple, quick, doesn’t involve any complicated new skills. You simply put up a website with useful/informative content and some Google provided code, get a few links to the page and wait. Traffic will start flowing to it. The volume would depend on the topic and quality of content. Visitors would see ads served by Google and related to the content of the page. Each time they click on an ad you get anywhere from a few cents to several dollars. I personally know at least 20 webmasters who earn in excess of $10,000 per month this way. There are thousands of others.


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