101 Ways to Make Money Online


82. Trading from home is really catching on in many parts of the world. You don’t need to be an expert on stocks & shares. You can trade on commodities, currencies, lots more. Trading futures allows you to leverage even small $100 amounts of capital into huge fortunes (or bankruptcy).

83. Gambling is a far cry from trading futures but a route to riches for many. No, not the traditional horse racing type of gambling where the only long term winner is the bookmaker. I’m talking gambling against other gamblers, I’m talking the numerous ways of gambling online (search). And there are a million books and ebooks that claim to “teach you how to win”.

84. HYIP, or High Yield Investment Programs are just what they say on the tin. They are also highly risky. You invests your money and you takes a chance, but some pay as much as 100% per day. How do they do it? A very few are putting your money into investments with even better rates of return. Others are simply going to keep paying out the first few customers with investments collected from later ones…. and then they go bust. Pyramid style. Maybe the ones who make the money are the ones who get in early… or actually start HYIP programs.


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